Shinsegae Duty Free Unveils Exclusive 'Paul & Barney' Signature Scents

2024/5/14 9:16:18

SEOUL, South Korea, May 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Shinsegae Duty Free is proud to introduce its own signature scent, marking a significant milestone in the realm of travel retail.

‘Paul & Barney’ Signature Scents
‘Paul & Barney’ Signature Scents

Launching the exclusive fragrance line "Paul & Barney," Shinsegae Duty Free is set to captivate customers with a unique olfactory experience. Crafted in collaboration with Eastern Edition, a renowned lifestyle brand, the scents embody the essence of travel, art, and exploration that define the ethos of Shinsegae Duty Free.

Available in two distinct forms—perfume and spatial cent—the Paul & Barney signature scents will debut at the Myeongdong branch's iconic zone and VIP lounge from May 1st, enveloping visitors in a sensory journey unlike any other. Customers can also conveniently purchase the scents online to carry the essence of their travels wherever they go.

Paul and Barney, the beloved characters of Shinsegae Duty Free, serve as the muse behind the fragrance collection. Representing the convergence of artistry and wanderlust, Paul exudes a calm and introspective aura, while Barney radiates vibrancy and charisma. The fragrances, "Ode Perfume Fall" and "Ode Perfume Barney," pay homage to these distinctive personalities with carefully curated notes that evoke a sense of tranquility and sophistication.

In addition to the perfume line, Shinsegae Duty Free presents the "Light" and "Shadow, Specials," an immersive olfactory experience inspired by Eastern Edition's unique spatial design. These scents transport visitors to the serene ambiance of traditional Korean hanoks, inviting them to embrace the interplay of light and shadow within the space.

The collaboration between Shinsegae Duty Free and Eastern Edition underscores a commitment to elevate the art of travel retail through innovative branding initiatives. By infusing the essence of scent into the shopping experience, Shinsegae Duty Free aims to redefine customer engagement and create lasting memories for travelers worldwide.

An official from Shinsegae Duty Free remarked, "This groundbreaking campaign marks a significant moment in the duty-free industry, showcasing our commitment to innovation and differentiation. Our partnership with Eastern Edition has enabled us to introduce a truly immersive experience that reflects the essence of Shinsegae Duty Free."